Bouquet Toss Fail

Somebody desperately wants to get married. Take the hint boys.


Woman plans most expensive animal wedding in the world

“Animal rescue advocate Wendy Diamond is planning an estimated $200,000 nuptials down to the last lavish detail — including a designer gown from Kleinfeld –on July 12 in New York City.”
Ordinarily this wouldn’t be newsworthy (people throw ridiculously expensive weddings everyday) if it weren’t for the fact that it’s for HER DOG.

She’s throwing the soiree for her recently adopted Coton de Tulear, Baby Hope “in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Wedding for Animals on July 12 in New York City. (The current record is $32,000, according to the New York Observer.) ”

The dog has a dress, a venue, a guest list, but apparently all she’s missing is a groom. I’ve always thought women who go shopping for their wedding dresses before they’re engaged is bad luck and borderline psychotic. But for a dog?! This lady has lost her mind. I have no words.

The only part of this I can’t complain about is that the money is going to The Humane Society. Diamond has raised thousands of dollars for animal welfare charities.