Bride gives birth on wedding day

The Sydney Morning Herald reported the story of an Australian woman who had quite the special day July 9th. A bride in Jallais reportedly had several false alarms that morning and nearly called off the wedding. She made it through the ceremony before feeling unwell again. Her water broke at the ceremony site and she gave birth to a baby boy right there.

I’m no wedding expert, but I think one of the things I would consider when choosing a wedding date might be my due date. Granted, the bride may have not been pregnant when she chose the date, but that seems like a viable reason to change it – particularly if you’re getting married at city hall. She was due 5 days after the wedding! Plenty of pregnant brides have wonderful weddings, but most don’t do it so close to delivery. Unless you’re Victoria Beckham, no sane woman wants to be in heels when she’s 9 months pregnant.


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