Buzzfeed’s “5 DJs you don’t want at your wedding”

Adapted from Buzzfeed

1. “Killer Drum Solo”

I was actually expecting drums. Did the guests even notice the DJ fondling this woman? Her lack of reaction astounds me – is this a common occurrence??

2. “Don’t Touch the Talent”

Zoo rules apply to DJ booths. Who wants drunken girls throwing themselves at you when you’re trying to work?

3. “Lookin’ for a Single Lady”

Why hasn’t he found one yet?!

4. “The brick house”

Trust me, if they wanted someone to sing they would have hired a band.

5. “OK… maybe you want this guy showing up”

Life of the party.


Photog seeking engaged couple

An amateur photographer is looking for the military couple in these photos of a Mystery Military Proposal. She accidentally stumbled upon their engagement at the Washington War Memorial and wants to send them her pictures. If you know who these people are, contact
Granted this has been all over the news today and yesterday. But if you didn’t see it on Diane Sawyer, you’ll obviously see it here… It seems like with all this press the couple should have been identified by now. But then again maybe they don’t want to be found, it is a personal moment that’s gone viral without their permission