A Toast to Toast

People really love the royal family.  And their breakfast.

ABC news reported this morning that a piece of toast, said to have been saved from Prince Charles’ breakfast the morning he wed Lady Diana in 1981 was recently auctioned off for $360. A mother of a maid at Buckingham Palace who was visiting at the time decided to net the piece of bread as a souvenir and has kept it ever since. Check out the full story here.

My question is – how did they keep it in such good condition? Did they shrink wrap it? Also how can she prove it was Prince Charles’? Is his saliva still on it? Do the bite marks match up or did he leave it completely untouched? We need pictures people! I bet it would be worth a lot more if it had the imprint of the Royal Family crest on it, like how people find Jesus in their grilled cheese and take it as a blessing. But who spends money on stuff like this? You know it won’t last forever! This is just another thing I’ll never understand.

All hail the Grilled Cheesus



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