Photog seeking engaged couple

An amateur photographer is looking for the military couple in these photos of a Mystery Military Proposal. She accidentally stumbled upon their engagement at the Washington War Memorial and wants to send them her pictures. If you know who these people are, contact
Granted this has been all over the news today and yesterday. But if you didn’t see it on Diane Sawyer, you’ll obviously see it here… It seems like with all this press the couple should have been identified by now. But then again maybe they don’t want to be found, it is a personal moment that’s gone viral without their permission


Couple meets for 1st time in 5 year relationship

They met online, became friends though chatrooms/Myspace/Facebook. Started dating long distance via Skype and finally met for the first time face to face after 5 years. Oh, and they’re engaged now. Who needs dating sites??
P.S Look at that tie dye backpack –  so much swag.

CDC guide on how to survive wedding season

Who knew the Center for Disease Control had a sense of humor? I thought the government wasn’t allowed to laugh at anything, ever.

Caitlin Shockey wrote a tongue and cheek blog post comparing wedding season to a natural disaster. “We’re sure it’s just a fluke that wedding season happens to coincide with hurricane season.”  Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that the points are actually useful, despite the side of sass they’re served with. I have a few notes on her points however:

1. Build a kit – Good idea. Most couples these days have emergency kits like these in the bathrooms for their guests. This is a must have for any good maid of honor. Sore feet, ripped dresses and bug bites are all very common problems at wedding so having a first aid kit is necessary. I’ve actually seen a guest break their nose at a wedding though, so just keep in mind you can’t prepare for every medical emergency. (That’s what 911 is for, right?) Easy on the sedatives though, remember Sixteen Candles?

2. Make a Plan – Every outdoor wedding needs an indoor option. Venues are required to have contingency plans in case of actual disaster – so it’s not a bad idea to check on that. If a guest has a problem, make sure there’s someone to field their questions that’s not the bride or groom. The wedding coordinator, or parents of the couple. It’s like a DD for your bridal party.

3. Stay Informed – Well honestly. If you have are a bridezilla, chances are you don’t know you’re a bridezilla and won’t have anyone telling you so for fear of your short arms lashing out at them.

Best of the Comments Section:

July 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm ET  –   Liseth

“Excellent tips, but I don not think it is right comparing a weeding with a disaster.”

– I disagree. A disaster is very much like weeding your garden. They both rip plants out of your garden so I’d say it is a fair comparison.

July 10, 2012 at 12:51 pm ET  –   Steph

“I am so glad my government is wasting my tax money on this type of thing.”

– I’m sure the author is underpaid and works holidays. Do not fret, they’ll find far better ways to waste your tax money.

July 10, 2012 at 2:16 pm ET  –   Nicol

“This information is fine and everything, but why the focus on the bride? What about tips for grooms, best men, etc to help out? Weddings are not about brides, they’re about two people uniting forces. This is sexist crap.”

– I agree, very sexist. Very crappy. The best comedians are woefully gender neutral and politically correct.

July 11, 2012 at 6:07 am ET  –   LT G

“This article misses the most important aspect of wedding preparedness — avoidance. Weddings are easily predictable phenomenon, and typically come with advance warning. It’s no different from a hurricane; the best way to weather the storm is to get out of town well in advance.”

– Well played LTG, well played.

Bride gives birth on wedding day

The Sydney Morning Herald reported the story of an Australian woman who had quite the special day July 9th. A bride in Jallais reportedly had several false alarms that morning and nearly called off the wedding. She made it through the ceremony before feeling unwell again. Her water broke at the ceremony site and she gave birth to a baby boy right there.

I’m no wedding expert, but I think one of the things I would consider when choosing a wedding date might be my due date. Granted, the bride may have not been pregnant when she chose the date, but that seems like a viable reason to change it – particularly if you’re getting married at city hall. She was due 5 days after the wedding! Plenty of pregnant brides have wonderful weddings, but most don’t do it so close to delivery. Unless you’re Victoria Beckham, no sane woman wants to be in heels when she’s 9 months pregnant.

“Monica Lewinsky ain’t got nothing on me” – Maria Reynolds

In (dis) honor of the Fourth of July, the Huffington Post looked into the married lives of our Founding Fathers and whether their loyalty to their country was stronger (or less so) than to their wives. Check out the full story here.

The best story among them is that of Alexander Hamilton.

“Alexander Hamilton suffered through one of the first public media scandals of America’s history — but with good reason. The first United States Secretary of Treasury was forced to resign from office out of sheer embarrassment when his three-year extramarital affair with Maria Reynolds became public. Reynolds’ husband, a convicted swindler named James Reynolds, blackmailed Hamilton, demanding a fee for his silence. But when a political pamphlet revealed the Reynolds liaison, Hamilton admitted, “My crime is an amorous connection with [James Reynolds’] wife.” Hamilton responded with his own pamphlet, publishing an “appallingly thorough account of the affair.” Despite Hamilton’s partially self-inflicted public humiliation and irreparably damaged reputation, his wife Betsey stood by her man and remained his wife until his untimely death during an infamous duel at the hands of political opponent Aaron Burr. “

In hindsight, it’s probably best we never made Hamilton president. People don’t seem to like it when the President cheats on his wife.

ImageWhich brings me to my next point of speculation – what if the Founding Fathers were on The Real World? This is the true story, of eight strangers, picked to run a country and have their lives taped.

A.Ham would walk around with some ridiculous nickname (like such) but being the most interesting man in the world, the cameras would always been on him. George Washington would constantly be in the confessional booth making absurd confessions. I cannot tell a lie… I totally drank milk from the carton. Ben Franklin spends his time staring out the window and writing love poems – roommates start to suspect he’s gay. John Adams is the Mormon of the group – brings about all sorts of drama when he tries to marry his cousin. But it’s normal in West Virginia y’all! James Madison invites wife Dolley onto the show and proceeds to throw lavish parties which no one can afford. John Jay never gets off the duck phone because he’s always telling his girlfriend how much he misses her and never has any fun. Tommy Jefferson would get his own 19 & Counting spinoff, fathering babies like it was nobody’s business. “Meet my kids. This is Tom Jeff, Tabitha, Taylor, Teddy, Timmy, Tommy, Tammy, and TJ.”

Bouquet Toss Fail

Somebody desperately wants to get married. Take the hint boys.

Woman plans most expensive animal wedding in the world

“Animal rescue advocate Wendy Diamond is planning an estimated $200,000 nuptials down to the last lavish detail — including a designer gown from Kleinfeld –on July 12 in New York City.”
Ordinarily this wouldn’t be newsworthy (people throw ridiculously expensive weddings everyday) if it weren’t for the fact that it’s for HER DOG.

She’s throwing the soiree for her recently adopted Coton de Tulear, Baby Hope “in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Wedding for Animals on July 12 in New York City. (The current record is $32,000, according to the New York Observer.) ”

The dog has a dress, a venue, a guest list, but apparently all she’s missing is a groom. I’ve always thought women who go shopping for their wedding dresses before they’re engaged is bad luck and borderline psychotic. But for a dog?! This lady has lost her mind. I have no words.

The only part of this I can’t complain about is that the money is going to The Humane Society. Diamond has raised thousands of dollars for animal welfare charities.