Wedding for Rent – Inquire Inside

Good Morning America ran a segment this morning about the rising costs of weddings today. The average US wedding costs $26,984. The average is higher here in Massachusetts. The typical couple here spends between $25,000 – $30,000  on their nuptials making MA one of the most expensive states to get married in. So GMA highlighted one way to reduce costs – renting.

Rather than spending thousands on a dress you’ll only wear once, they suggest renting a gown from online rental companies like One Night Affair. This is a pretty good idea considering the cost vs. use debate that give many brides the heebie jeebies.

Tuxedo rentals seem obvious – groomsmen have been doing this for ages. Bridesmaids can save at sites like Little Borrowed Dress or Rent the Runway. Cool, good advice GMA.

Where I draw the line however is at renting your cake and/or flowers. They suggest renting a fake cake then cutting a regular old sheet cake in the kitchen. If saving on you dessert is that important, opt for a smaller cake, cupcakes or some other form of sweet. How can you have a cake cutting ceremony is the cake is plastic?

Silk flowers are tacky and I hate them. If you can’t afford real ones, pick a different decoration.

If you are really trying to save on your wedding, I suggest you contact our friends at The Wedding Wagon. Only $99!


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