Double Trouble

A set of fraternal twins. Best friends. Do everything together. And I mean everything.Image

Jean Sweeney and Mary Kelly were identical in many respects growing up, whether it was their fashion sense or their choice of profession. But it doesn’t stop there. They went to high school, shared the same friends, went to college together, pursued the same major and both met their respective husbands there at the University of Scranton. Both became engaged, and decided (in their twin-ly fashion) to get married at the same church, on the same day. Yup, their father walked them both down the aisle in the same afternoon on June 30, 1962, in North Scranton’s Holy Rosary Church. So it’s only natural that they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year together.

This is totally bizarre. I know twins love each other and whatever, but this is too much. Why would you want to share your wedding with anybody?! If I were their husbands I would have thrown a fit. Is this some weird inbred family thing? Are they going to raise their children together then make them marry their cousins to ensure total twin domination? People are freaking weird.


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