Myth Busters – Throwing Rice Edition

Good news for animal and asian food lovers out there. Rice does not in fact kill birds.

ImageThrowing rice is an age-old tradition for wedding guests to shower the newlywed couple in good blessings as they leave their ceremony. Recently however, couples have strayed away from throwing the grain because it supposedly can kill birds who swoop down and eat it afterways.The rice grains, absorbent as they are, supposedly start sucking up water in the birds’ moist innards and cause them to violently burst. People have replaced rice with bubbles, glitter, bird seed and a variety of other products more safe to scatter.

A University of Kentucky study has proven that the rice has little to no effect on birds. Their stomachs are not nearly hot enough to boil the rice. In fact, wild birds eat uncooked rice all the time with no adverse effects.

Good to know we can celebrate with rice again. Too bad nobody really enjoys small grains being chucked at them by 100 people. Partying hurts.




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