10 Painful Ways to Dramatically Slash your Wedding Costs

Daily Finance published an article yesterday offering a few ways to lower the cost of your wedding without sacrificing too much. Author Nicole Seghetti calls them “painless.” Painless for whom may I ask? As a wedding frequenter I can personally attest to the veracity of these statements in terms of them being frivolous or not. Let us review.

1. Be your own wedding planner – Good idea for people who know the wedding industry well, are perfectionists or have OCD. A day-of coordinator will usually suffice for people who want to plan their weddings themselves.

2. Don’t serve a sit down dinner – “While you may hear some guests grumbling, you will save a healthy chunk of change.” The author is acknowledging that your guests will hate this. May I remind you that many of your guests are spending money to travel, stay in a hotel, buy you a nice wedding gift and wear proper clothes to your wedding. The LEAST you can do is serve them a meal. I worked at a wedding where the bride and groom only served hors d’oeurves all night. People were pissed they weren’t given a seat to sit in and the cocktails ran out three hours into the party. They ended up asking us for the numbers for local pizza places that would deliver to the venue. If you’re not going to feed your guests a full meal, at least warn them so they can fill up ahead of time.

3. Keep alcohol costs in check – Couples who don’t serve alcohol for religious reasons can bypass this point. All points are valid here, but be aware that many guests expect an open bar and do not bring money for cash bars. They’ll be stuck drinking water until they can find the nearest ATM. Quote from a man invited to a dry wedding without warning: “There’s no alcohol at all? Shit it’s going to be a long night.”

4. Let them eat (sheet) cake – Good idea, no argument here. Too many couples buy more cake than people can eat and end up with entire layers uneaten. Another tip is to opt for a different kind of dessert completely. Cupcakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, pie, etc are all legitimate options.

5. Be your own florist – Again, this is plausible if you’re crafty and good with flowers. Florists are professionals however and the bouquets and centerpieces they produce are probably going to be nicer than the ones your bridesmaids put together drunk during your bridal shower. To save money, have the florist use flowers that are in season.

6. DIY as much as possible – Have fun stressing yourself out to the brink of complete nuclear meltdown before your big day.

7. Skip the extras – Duh.


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