Most epic airline wedding ever

People love getting married in weird places, including airplanes. For proof, see this video of an air traffic controller proposing to his girlfriend via the flight intercom.

I’ve planned out the coolest airplane wedding ever. It’s unusual, it’s a destination wedding, it’s pure genius. Disclaimer: This hasn’t actually happened, at least to my knowledge. Anyone who wants to make this dream a reality has my permission, just be sure to invite me.

Requirements for this wedding:

– Small wedding party (Less than 50) and a very small bridal party.

– A large private jet (or access to one)

– Absurd amounts of money that they’re willing to blow

– Adventurous guests

First, all guests and members of the wedding party meet at the airport. After passing through TSA, they are shuttled to the tarmac. They board the plane and are seated according to bride’s seating chart. First few rows are left open for the bridal party. The pilot doubles as the Justice of the Peace. As the ceremony starts, bridesmaids and groomsmen are walk down the aisle (dressed like flight attendants) are seated in the front few rows. The bride walks down the aisle, some asshole who checked a whole guitar plays music. The pilot officiates the ceremony over those phone intercom thingies. Guests with crappy seats are forced to watch the ceremony on the TVs built into the seat backs.

Once the ceremony is over, the reception and flight begins. Guests remained seated for take off with the tray tables up and seat backs in the upright position. After they’re in the air, the flight attendants/bridesmaids walk the aisle serving champagne and drinks for cocktail hour. After a short flight to the reception location, guests are ushered off the plane into a decorated hanger where a live band and caterers await them. The bride and groom ct cake, dance the night away yadda yadda yadda. At the end of the night, everyone gets back on the plane, is shuttled back to the home airport and takes airport taxis home with designated drivers. Boom, best wedding ever.


Inspiration for the visual learners:

Pan Am inspired invites

Decorated Hangar

   Luggage tag favors 


One Comment on “Most epic airline wedding ever”

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