Dropped wedding ring pauses ceremony

ImageUK Bride and groom Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey were forced to pause in the middle of their wedding ceremony because the best man dropped the ring. Everything was going well for the couple until midway through the ceremony they heard a distinct “pling!” The vicar looked at the best man, the groom’s brother, and asked if it was what they thought it was. The entire congregation spent 10 minutes searching for the band without luck. Finally the bride’s mother offered up her own ring in order to finish the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the vicar returned to the church to continue looking and found it lodged between the cracks of the floor. He brought it to the reception and was given a hero’s welcome.

This story is the stuff of movies and bride’s nightmares. Who knows how much that band cost? And how mortified the best man must have been. Talk about the worst best man ever. This could have easily been solved earlier if there was a small child in the wedding party like that episode of Arthur. DW saves the day!



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