Win a Rose Parade wedding

Are public displays of affection sort of your thing? Is proposing on the Jumbotron at a NBA game too small for you? Do you love the “drama” of The Bachelorette? Want a New Years Day wedding?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, and are recently engaged, Farmers Insurance is here to help you do the “big day” in a big way.

Farmers Insurance is looking for one engaged couple to get married on a “love float” at the 2013 Rose Bowl. They’re giving away a gown, tuxedo, wedding rings, a trip to Pasadena, California and tickets to the game. The couple also gets to bring six witnesses along for the ride.

To enter the contest, upload a photo and tell judges why you deserve a Love Float wedding on the Farmers Insurance Facebook app. Farmers is accepting submissions until Oct. 14., and people will be able to vote for one of four couples selected for the final round.

I can’t decide whether or not I like this idea. It would certainly be entertaining to watch but I don’t know if I’d apply.

Pro: Instead of a string quartet, you’ll get one of the most talented marching bands in the country.

Con: There’s a lot of pressure not to screw up a wedding in front of your friends and family. Add hundreds of thousands bystanders and millions more watching at home.

Pro: You will save money on your invitations. Sorry Uncle Bob, we can’t fit you and Aunt June on the float, but tune into CBS at 12pm to watch us get hitched!

Con: The rose is your only option for floral arrangements.

Pro: If you don’t like a particular photo of you and your new hubby, there’s millions more on the internet to choose from for your new Facebook profile pic. And think of the cover photos!

Con: The likely possibility of your ex finally living out his Ferris Bueller parade-crashing dreams


2 Comments on “Win a Rose Parade wedding”

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  2. […] everyone enjoyed the holidays! I just watched the Rose Bowl Parade and saw the winners of the Farmers Insurance contest tie the knot on a float. Too […]

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