Deja Mi & Wed Pics

A Raleigh, NC based company called Deja Mi has developed a new smartphone app that could bust into the wedding industry in a big way.

The app, also named Deja Mi, allows people, (usually strangers)  who are attending the same event to upload all the photos being taken to a central place. So far, the app has mostly been used by corporations and businesses that pay to enable attendees at their conferences to freely share content. Founder and CEO Justin Miller was inspired while watching millions of people recording a concert with their Iphones.

The idea translates easily into the wedding industry, which is why they’ve launced WedPics. It relies on the same technology, but without the GPS locator. The bride and groom pay a flat fee to obtain an access code which they can pass along to guests.  Guests must merely download the WedPics app and start shooting.  All the photos go to a cloud where the happy couple can access them at anytime. It’s like their own private Instagram.

WedPics markets itself as a convenient and cheap alternative to the disposable cameras that many couples leave out for their guests. While the company faces competition from other photo-sharing websites, they speculate that the instantaneous streaming will make it more appealing to consumers. The app has been used at over 500 weddings in 15 countries since launching in August 2011.

What do you think folks, is it a worthwhile app or should people just stick to Flickr and disposables?


Cardboard cutout replaces missing soldier

An American soldier who was bummed out about missing his sister’s wedding made his presence felt in another way. Lance Corporal Ben Smith, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, sent a life-size cardboard cutout of himself to the wedding of his sister Michelle.
The cardboard Flat Stanley was set up in various places around the wedding, including on the dance floor and behind the bar. He also made it into several of the wedding party’s photos. He also created a video message for the bride sending his well wishes. Check out all the hilarious pics here. The real question is, why couldn’t they have put him in a tux?

Klingon Wedding

Great Britain held their first ever Klingon wedding at the Star Trek convention last week. Over 17,000 Trekkies flocked to London’s ExCel centre for the Convention, including one happy couple. They were inspired by an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” in which Klingon character Worf marries science officer Jadzia Dax in a traditional Klingon ceremony.
Wondering what the ceremony looked like? Apparently the bride wore a floor-length red robe with a diamante headdress, matching her fiancee. Prosthetic foreheads with deep wrinkles and stringy black manes completed the look.

They walked down the aisle to three bangs of a gong. The altar was decorated with screens and a throne made from animal bone and hide. The celebrant conducted the wedding ceremony in English and included some phrases in Klingon.  In fact, they exchanged part of their vows in Klingon, which is a guttural-sounding language similar to Welsh.

And no, the ceremony is not binding – the couple still had to be married legally in a civil ceremony.

Wedding for Sale

Ah, the Kim Kardashian dilemma.  You’ve got second thoughts about getting married, but the whole ordeal has cost so much time and money you’re too afraid to cancel.  Never fear, the wedding industry has a new solution for that!

A Washington startup called Bridal Brokerage is helping ex-couples effectively sell their wedding to happy ones. The group  matches couples looking to sell a wedding with those wanting to buy one.

“People come to us knowing that they may not get exactly what their dream wedding is, and they’re willing to make that sacrifice to be able to get it at a discount,” says founder Lauren Byrne. The company makes their money by taking a cut depending on the date, cost and location of the wedding.

The only problem so far is that the demand far outpaces the supply.  While over 600 couples have expressed interest in buying a wedding, only 4 couples have given theirs up for sale. Bridal Brokerage aims to help out ex-couples by lessening the blow of their financial loss from canceling the event.  Their pre-paid plans are simply transferred to another flexible couple waiting for a place, time and date.

It’s not a bad idea, considering weddings make up a $40 billion industry in the United States, and more than 250,000 weddings are cancelled a year.   If you cancel too close to the big day, you’re unlikely to get most of your money back from the vendors but you might find a couple to swoop in and save you some cash.

Check them out at

Weekend Wedding Roundup

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: The teenage girl/diehard N*SYNC fan just died in me as word came out at the celeb couple tied the knot this weekend in Italy.  Timberlake stepped out wearing a wedding band, confirming the news. Guests reportedly enjoyed a week-long celebration in Fasano, a town in southern Italy.  It’s  supposed to be one of the most expensive celebrity weddings on record, totaling 6.5 million.

HRH Prince Guillaume and Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy: The royal Luxembourg nuptials are quite the spectacle for the proud people of the tiny country.  Couture designer Elie Saab outfitted the bride, and much of the bridal party as well.  The couple enjoyed a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony as well as a ball in their honor.  The bride wore  a one-off, haute couture gown in ivory lace embroidered with silver thread leaves, complete with a four meter long train. The lavish nuptials are thought to have cost upwards of €500,000. That’s over $600,000 – royal chump change compared to the Timberlake wedding.

Jeweler offers rifles and rings

Talk about a shotgun wedding…

A jeweler in Iowa is offering free shotguns for soon to be husbands who spend over $1,999 on an engagement ring in his store. Jewelery By Harold owner Harold van Beek said he wanted to “do something for the boy who doesn’t like to hunt for diamonds but likes to hunt for deer.”  The offer is good for a free Remington 870 through October and is subject to Iowa laws regarding gun control. Those barred include felons and addicts. Not like a lot of those have that kind of money to blow on an engagement ring.

“Diamonds are a girls best friend,” van Beek said. “So say: I’m hunting deer, and here is a diamond ring, dear.”
Check out the local news coverage here.
P.S. Why is there a thirteen year old boy explaining the best assets of a gun to me?

Beware the single bridezilla

Anita Chakraburtty: no ring, no husband, but big plans

Single bridezilla (n) –  a women who has her entire wedding planned out, without a fiance with whom to complete it.

A Sydney woman has made Australian headlines as she searches for the perfect man, before April 7, 2013.  She’s picked the date, the location, the dress and even invited her friends and family but she isn’t even dating anymore.  An astrologer, she’s convinced that the stars will align for her within the next few months and she’ll have a ring on her finger by April.

“Astrologically I’ve got quite a lot of activity happening in October and November in my charts,” she says. She picked the date of the “because it has once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignments favoring relationships,” and its her birthday. Wisely, her friends have refused to book their flights until she at least starts dating.

Trends like this worry me.  What kind of society do we live in where women plan major life milestones without any semblance of them actually happening? I mean, I fantasize what it would be like to win the lottery, but I’ve never picked a day to do it.  I know it’s common for women to dream about their wedding but to actually put plans in motion is insane.  If anything, it probably would scare potential dates off, knowing she has an expiration date in mind.  See ya later commitment-phobes! I’ll be watching the stars to see if this chick can get hitched in time.