Wedding guest has part of ear bitten off in fight

Alright who invited Mike Tyson to the wedding?

A Merseyside man, age 40, was taken to a local hospital after his ear was bitten off during a brawl at a pub in Liverpool, UK.

The pub was hosting a wedding reception when a massive fight broke out and spilled onto the street. A witness described the scene as “utter chaos… like a fight at the OK Corral.” Fourteen police cars responded to the scene and the pub was closed from the time of the incident (approx. 11:30 Saturday night) to Sunday around lunchtime.

Other witnesses said they saw the bride in the street distressed and in tears, but the newlywed couple were not thought to have been directly involved in the incident, and no word on what provoked the incident.

The victim was brought to the hospital and two men were arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent.

And the best comment anyone made on this story:

“Dogs…..To earn respect of other let them know who is pack leader, will bite down on the other dogs ear.”

– I’m sure that was the message these guys were trying to send. Mazel tov to the happy couple!



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