Well- Wed Round-up

Too many fun wedding nibs to choose from today! Here’s a little taste of what’s going on in the wedding world: cows, gypsies, football and presidential debates!

Ads too offensive, even for gypsies – The ads for Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is apparently too big, too fat, and too gypsy for British television. Two ad posters for the show were banned by the watchdog group Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being “offensive and irresponsible.” The posters (one is shown here, the other depicts young girls in revealing clothing) weren’t originally banned because they showed the true nature of the show. However, a community group complained that the ads made gypsy children more likely to be subjected to bullying and prejudice against their lifestyle, as well as sexualizing young girls. If you needed a taste of what the show looks like, check out it’s American cousin on TLC.

Anne Hathaway has a cow – PETA is sponsoring  a young rescue calf in the name of Anne Hathaway as a wedding gift.  The actress, who married Adam Schulman last week served her guests an all-vegan meal. Delighted, the animal rights activist group donated “Peter” in her name. “By going vegan, Anne is doing the best thing that she can to better her health and save calves like Peter  from a life of suffering,” said a spokesperson for PETA. Bet she didn’t put that on her registry.

Obama’s anniversary same night as debate – The President and First Lady will have to postpone their celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary until a later date. The first presidential debate falls on Wednesday night, same as the couple’s milestone. Michelle says they’ve planned to celebrate at a later time, but they won’t be without well-wishers. Obama’s campaign is asking supporters to sign an e-card wishing the couple happiness.

Avid fan couple throws Liverpool FC wedding – An English couple dedicated their entire wedding to a Liverpool Football Club theme.  From the suits, decorations, and first dance, every part of the wedding was soccer-related. The couple met online 18 months ago when she realized his intense love for soccer. She eventually got on board with it and agreed to theme the wedding accordingly. The picture of them holding a Champions League trophy balloon pretty much sums it up. Woof.


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