Brawl at Society Hill Wedding

If you haven’t noticed, I love a good wedding brawl. This Society Hill battle takes the wedding cake in terms of size and coverage.

The Pennsylvania Sheraton became the site of a massive fight early Sunday morning that ended with one man having a fatal heart attack and three people arrested. People began shoving in a nearby bar, and police were called in as the fight flooded over into the lobby. Two wedding parties collided and a massive brawl broke out.

Police didn’t know if the 57-year-old wedding guest who suffered the heart attack had been in any of the altercations. Police did not identify members of either wedding party, but the deceased reportedly was one bride’s uncle.

There were an estimated 50 -100 partygoers and as many police officers storming the lobby and hotel hallways. As the cops tried to hold people back, the party turned on them. In the video you can see a guy get hit with a baton, and another was reportedly Tased. No word on if the bride actually got hit, or she was just pushed to the ground.

Check out the video from a young kid, who was at the hotel celebrating his 15th birthday. “Did they just deck the bride?”


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