Lesbian couple to wed based on vote outcome

A lesbian couple in Maryland is taking its chances on the election outcome November 6. Their plans to be wed in a romantic bed and breakfast hinge on whether Maryland votes to legalize gay marriage or not. If the up or down vote is a “yes” they will continue with the wedding as planned. If not, well, they don’t want to think about it.

Maryland is one of four states with a referendum on gay marriage on the ballot. Polls show a strong support for the passing so far, but that could evaporate come election day.   Maryland is also expected to be carried by President Obama, who supports gay marriage.

If you ask me, why would you plan a wedding if you knew there was a possibility it might not be able to happen? Imagine the disappoint if Maryland votes “no.” Not only is it a sad day for the gay-rights community, but this couple’s hopes, dreams and down-payment at the B&B are vanished. It’s a hopeful plan, but would be utterly depressing if it doesn’t come true.