Wedding for Sale

Ah, the Kim Kardashian dilemma.  You’ve got second thoughts about getting married, but the whole ordeal has cost so much time and money you’re too afraid to cancel.  Never fear, the wedding industry has a new solution for that!

A Washington startup called Bridal Brokerage is helping ex-couples effectively sell their wedding to happy ones. The group  matches couples looking to sell a wedding with those wanting to buy one.

“People come to us knowing that they may not get exactly what their dream wedding is, and they’re willing to make that sacrifice to be able to get it at a discount,” says founder Lauren Byrne. The company makes their money by taking a cut depending on the date, cost and location of the wedding.

The only problem so far is that the demand far outpaces the supply.  While over 600 couples have expressed interest in buying a wedding, only 4 couples have given theirs up for sale. Bridal Brokerage aims to help out ex-couples by lessening the blow of their financial loss from canceling the event.  Their pre-paid plans are simply transferred to another flexible couple waiting for a place, time and date.

It’s not a bad idea, considering weddings make up a $40 billion industry in the United States, and more than 250,000 weddings are cancelled a year.   If you cancel too close to the big day, you’re unlikely to get most of your money back from the vendors but you might find a couple to swoop in and save you some cash.

Check them out at


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