Teachers play hooky for wedding

British schoolteachers were caught at a colleague’s wedding just hours after sending students home for a “teacher development session.”

The teachers were supposedly undergoing vital training, so they sent the children home  an hour and a half early. Parents were informed of the meeting via letter, in which it states that the training was to allow teachers to research future lessons. One angry dad however tracked down many of the teachers, to find them at a wedding.  He posits that they released the kids early so they could travel to the ceremony. The headmaster of the school says that teachers were allowed to use the time as they saw fit, either training immediately after school or later in the day.  The school board was supposedly informed and in accordance with the action. The angry parents are now calling for an investigation.

Honestly, who cares? Those kids are probably loving that teacher that invited the whole faculty to her wedding.  What kid doesn’t love na early release? The parents are just angry they had to come pick up their little brats an hour earlier and had to entertain them rather than working.



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