How to Gain Protesters and Infuriate People

One Hong Kong  bride’s getting a lesson in humility for her wedding gift. After posting a bold status about her upcoming nuptials, a crowd has risen up angry and ready to protest her wedding. So what did she say? “I’m not opening a charity….If you really only want to give me a HK$500 [US$65] cash gift, then don’t bother coming to my wedding.”

After many a-shared pictures, Facebook users figured out just who she was, who she’d be marrying and when and where. Nearly 1,000 people have said they’re planning on protesting her wedding.

Apparently a request like this isn’t THAT selfish. In mainland China, it’s the custom for wedding guests to give the couple packets of money, rather than household gifts, like in the U.S. Most are expected to give at least 500 Hong Kong dollars, or as much as HK$1,000 if the venue is a hotel rather than a restaurant. The gifts are typically collected at the door.

Still, requesting a minimum amount from your guests? Almost as rude as asking your guests to pay for the wedding itself. I can’t wait to see who shows up to the party.


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