Celebrity wedding officiants

Emma Stone took on a new role by officiating a friend’s wedding this weekend. She presided over the marriage of her publicist, Holly Shakoor, and “Gangster Squad” director Ruben Fleischer in California, on Saturday.  According to Us Weekly, Stone is one of many celebs that have played minister to new couples. Victor Garber married Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Mark Consuelos did it for Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky (who?) . Easily the most qualified of the bunch, Rev Run married Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden in 2010. Survivor’s Jeff Probst was J.O.P to Jenna Fischer and her husband. And you can hire Kathy Griffin to do yours!

While having a celebrity marry you might be awesome, don’t you have to be qualified for that sort of thing? I don’t think Jason Segel is an ordained minister but that didn’t stop him from presiding over a wedding in a bar. Fran Drescher would be sweet but unless she’s a registered Justice of the Peace you might want to rethink it.


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