Happy New Year!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! I just watched the Rose Bowl Parade and saw the winners of the Farmers Insurance contest tie the knot on a float. Too funny!

In other news, I’m officially resigning as intern for EMG so Social Comedia will be quiet until a replacement is found. Thanks to everyone for reading and be sure to keep up with EMG on Facebook, Twitter and on our website!

Wishing you a happy new year!


Awesome Wedding Proposals

Something we haven’t looked at in awhile, the art of the proposal. Take notes gentlemen.

Best Wedding Moments of 2012

HuffPostWeddings just compiled their list for their top weddings moments of 2012. So I figured it’s about time we do that here at Social Comedia.  Here’s our year in review of the most absurd/awesome wedding moments of the year:

5. Contest to win a wedding at the Rose Parade opens. Can’t wait to see this one on New Years Day!

4. Couple gets married over 30 times on wedding tour around the world.

3. Obama crashing this couple’s wedding and leaving the coolest gift ever.

2.  Jeweler offers a free rifle with the purchase of engagement band.

1. Bride asks for minimum cash donation at her wedding, riots ensue.

12/12/12 Wedding Mania

Seems like everyone and their brother is getting married today.  Despite the fact that it’s a Wednesday, people around the world are getting married on the “luckiest day of our lifetime” Dec. 12, 2012. Clearly the ones who time it for 12:12 am or pm are the luckiest.  There’s a predicted 7,500 couples getting married today. That’s crazy. Las Vegas in particular is blowing up with superstitious couples looking to get hitched.

Definitely an anniversary date that the groom can’t forget. What do you guys think? Would you get married on 12/12/12 or some other auspicious date?

Bride spends wedding night in jail

I’ve posted a lot about wedding brawls but this one is a first for Social Comedia.  This time, the bride herself was the assailant.

An angry British bride was arrested after glassing a male guest in the face at her wedding.  Instead of a romantic wedding night with her new hubby, she instead hung out in the county jail. The groom tried to intervene and sustained injuries to the elbow after a 12 person brawl was broken up by police. The brilliant police force identified the bride “because she was still wearing her wedding dress.” Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gents.

The best of the comments section:

Do you take this chav to be your awful wedded wife? – Richo

She sounds very ladylike. – tuguybear

Tattoo Fest no doubt. – Alfie

Riding the rollercoaster of marriage


This UK bride and groom got an unpleasant surprise on their way to their wedding reception. A full fledged traveling circus had strung up right outside their hotel.  The fairground blocked off the street so the wedding party couldn’t get to the hotel easily.

The newlyweds embraced it however, and decided to join in on the fun.  The entire wedding party hopped on Disco Fever as crowds cheered them on.

I appreciate the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude of this couple. However, traveling gypsies are not a group you want to join. Carnies, circus folks, nomads you know.

Mass wedding in Dubai.

First, read this article. It tells the tragically touching story of childhood sweethearts, torn apart by a love child, only to rekindle the flame and get married. Cool story bro.

What I don’t get is how they’re glazing over the most intriguing part of the story. SIXTY FIVE COUPLES GOT MARRIED. IN ONE SITTING. It’s like a drive-thru for weddings. Why is this NOT the highlight of the story??

Do they all get to walk the aisle individually or do they just follow the couple in front of them and step up to the altar? Do you have to take a ticket and wait your turn like at the deli counter? Are guests invited? I want to see some logistics people!