12/12/12 Wedding Mania

Seems like everyone and their brother is getting married today.  Despite the fact that it’s a Wednesday, people around the world are getting married on the “luckiest day of our lifetime” Dec. 12, 2012. Clearly the ones who time it for 12:12 am or pm are the luckiest.  There’s a predicted 7,500 couples getting married today. That’s crazy. Las Vegas in particular is blowing up with superstitious couples looking to get hitched.

Definitely an anniversary date that the groom can’t forget. What do you guys think? Would you get married on 12/12/12 or some other auspicious date?


Riding the rollercoaster of marriage


This UK bride and groom got an unpleasant surprise on their way to their wedding reception. A full fledged traveling circus had strung up right outside their hotel.  The fairground blocked off the street so the wedding party couldn’t get to the hotel easily.

The newlyweds embraced it however, and decided to join in on the fun.  The entire wedding party hopped on Disco Fever as crowds cheered them on.

I appreciate the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude of this couple. However, traveling gypsies are not a group you want to join. Carnies, circus folks, nomads you know.

Operation Marry Me Military

Just in time for Veteran’s Day, we’re spotlighting a charity called Operation Marry Me Military. Operation MMM (as they going to call it)  gives back to our military by getting local businesses and wedding vendors to donate their specialties to a local military couple. Right now they’re based specifically in North Carolina but it’s a good idea to be spread! A wedding takes place every year on Veteran’s Day. Check out their website here.

This year the lucky couple was Sergeant Dustin McDaniel and his fiancée Michelle Johnson. McDaniel has been on four tours to Afghanistan and they’ve been dating for the last four years. Their free wedding, valued at $13,000, took place in the history center at Tryon Palace in NC.

Wedding headline roundup!

Miley Cyrus is planning three wedding parties with fiance Liam Helmsworth, according to Billy Ray Cyrus. One for every inch of Miley’s haircut!

In a historic milestone, Maine and Maryland passed laws allowing gay marriage this Election Day. Glad to here that our friends in Maryland are actually going to be able to go through with their wedding plans.

In case anyone cares, Kim and Kanye have no plans for marriage.

New research shows that couples who are getting married abroad are often diving into their second marriages.

People across the US are using gift registries to donate to Sandy victims. Rather than actually having a wedding, accounts are set up where you can buy victims of the superstorm household appliances and other gifts to help them rebuild their destroyed homes.

And here’s a cute parody of Gangnam Style done by own Bay Area couple for their wedding. Happy Friday!

007 wedding

A James Bond fanatic in the UK is shelling out over 100,000 pounds to have a 007 themed wedding. The millionaire businessman is paying to have three of the aircrafts used in the movies on hand.  He and his fiancee will exchange vows in the private jet used by Sean Connery in Goldfinger. The bride and groom will take their wedding vows as they fly over St Paul’s Cathedral. The reception will take place in a grounded Boeing 747 from Casino Royale.  They’ll complete the journey in Pierce Brosnan’s helicopter which will take them to their honeymoon location. Daniel Craig, Blofield and Oddjob impersonators will also make an appearance. Somebody took my airplane wedding idea to a whole new level.


Cardboard cutout replaces missing soldier

An American soldier who was bummed out about missing his sister’s wedding made his presence felt in another way. Lance Corporal Ben Smith, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, sent a life-size cardboard cutout of himself to the wedding of his sister Michelle.
The cardboard Flat Stanley was set up in various places around the wedding, including on the dance floor and behind the bar. He also made it into several of the wedding party’s photos. He also created a video message for the bride sending his well wishes. Check out all the hilarious pics here. The real question is, why couldn’t they have put him in a tux?

Wedding for Sale

Ah, the Kim Kardashian dilemma.  You’ve got second thoughts about getting married, but the whole ordeal has cost so much time and money you’re too afraid to cancel.  Never fear, the wedding industry has a new solution for that!

A Washington startup called Bridal Brokerage is helping ex-couples effectively sell their wedding to happy ones. The group  matches couples looking to sell a wedding with those wanting to buy one.

“People come to us knowing that they may not get exactly what their dream wedding is, and they’re willing to make that sacrifice to be able to get it at a discount,” says founder Lauren Byrne. The company makes their money by taking a cut depending on the date, cost and location of the wedding.

The only problem so far is that the demand far outpaces the supply.  While over 600 couples have expressed interest in buying a wedding, only 4 couples have given theirs up for sale. Bridal Brokerage aims to help out ex-couples by lessening the blow of their financial loss from canceling the event.  Their pre-paid plans are simply transferred to another flexible couple waiting for a place, time and date.

It’s not a bad idea, considering weddings make up a $40 billion industry in the United States, and more than 250,000 weddings are cancelled a year.   If you cancel too close to the big day, you’re unlikely to get most of your money back from the vendors but you might find a couple to swoop in and save you some cash.

Check them out at www.bridalbrokerage.com