Cardboard cutout replaces missing soldier

An American soldier who was bummed out about missing his sister’s wedding made his presence felt in another way. Lance Corporal Ben Smith, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, sent a life-size cardboard cutout of himself to the wedding of his sister Michelle.
The cardboard Flat Stanley was set up in various places around the wedding, including on the dance floor and behind the bar. He also made it into several of the wedding party’s photos. He also created a video message for the bride sending his well wishes. Check out all the hilarious pics here. The real question is, why couldn’t they have put him in a tux?


Ferry Tale Wedding

A couple who met through EHarmony got married in the ticket office of the S.S. Badger car ferry. They “met” online in February, and grew their relationship by talking on the phone for hours. They’ve spent an estimated 375 hours on the phone. They finally met for the first time at this ferry office, and spent only 1.5 hours together before he got back on the boat and went home to Michigan (and she to Wisconsin). They continued to have “dates” like this for several weeks. She’d travel 15 hours total to see him for 1.5. He proposed after 1.5 months of their first meeting. Video here.


– Bet that phone bill was a delight to recieve

– Something about the name S.S. Badger sounds like a bad omen for their married life

-The cost effectiveness for their dates is so poor. What is wrong with taking the weekend off?

– Now that they’re married, she’s moving in with him. But what if she doesn’t like seeing him for more than 1.5 hours a day??


Couple meets for 1st time in 5 year relationship

They met online, became friends though chatrooms/Myspace/Facebook. Started dating long distance via Skype and finally met for the first time face to face after 5 years. Oh, and they’re engaged now. Who needs dating sites??
P.S Look at that tie dye backpack –  so much swag.