Wedding rings stolen during rehearsal

A bride in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had a startling realization hours before her ceremony – the rings were gone. Both the bride and groom’s wedding rings were reported missing from the bride’s hotel room after the couple’s  rehearsal dinner Friday. She’d been keeping them in her suitcase.  Investigators are looking into the case to see if someone may have broken in.


– This bride is shockingly cavalier about losing these rings. That’s $1,500 down the drain sweetie.

– She’s also not accusing anyone. Does this look like that episode of Psych to anyone else? She’s just faking losing them to get the insurance money. Duh. Or she’s actually an idiot and forgot to pack them.

– What happens in Cedar Rapids…


Well- Wed Round-up

Too many fun wedding nibs to choose from today! Here’s a little taste of what’s going on in the wedding world: cows, gypsies, football and presidential debates!

Ads too offensive, even for gypsies – The ads for Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is apparently too big, too fat, and too gypsy for British television. Two ad posters for the show were banned by the watchdog group Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being “offensive and irresponsible.” The posters (one is shown here, the other depicts young girls in revealing clothing) weren’t originally banned because they showed the true nature of the show. However, a community group complained that the ads made gypsy children more likely to be subjected to bullying and prejudice against their lifestyle, as well as sexualizing young girls. If you needed a taste of what the show looks like, check out it’s American cousin on TLC.

Anne Hathaway has a cow – PETA is sponsoring  a young rescue calf in the name of Anne Hathaway as a wedding gift.  The actress, who married Adam Schulman last week served her guests an all-vegan meal. Delighted, the animal rights activist group donated “Peter” in her name. “By going vegan, Anne is doing the best thing that she can to better her health and save calves like Peter  from a life of suffering,” said a spokesperson for PETA. Bet she didn’t put that on her registry.

Obama’s anniversary same night as debate – The President and First Lady will have to postpone their celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary until a later date. The first presidential debate falls on Wednesday night, same as the couple’s milestone. Michelle says they’ve planned to celebrate at a later time, but they won’t be without well-wishers. Obama’s campaign is asking supporters to sign an e-card wishing the couple happiness.

Avid fan couple throws Liverpool FC wedding – An English couple dedicated their entire wedding to a Liverpool Football Club theme.  From the suits, decorations, and first dance, every part of the wedding was soccer-related. The couple met online 18 months ago when she realized his intense love for soccer. She eventually got on board with it and agreed to theme the wedding accordingly. The picture of them holding a Champions League trophy balloon pretty much sums it up. Woof.

Cold feet? Start running

A new study from University of California, Los Angeles found that women who reported doubts prior to the wedding were 2.5 times more likely to divorce their spouses than those who had none.  Men statistically are more likely to have cold feet before the ceremony, but it’s the women’s jitters that are more indicative of trouble later in the relationship. Nineteen percent of women with cold feet reported a divorce within four years.

Researchers say that pre-wedding doubts should not be dismissed lightly, especially if they come from the bride. Just ask Kim Kardashian

Remembering 9/11… as a wedding anniversary

Today marks the eleven year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 20o1. Across the nation people gather to mourn the loss of loved ones, honor those who so proudly serve our country, and remember the devastating effects of hate and terrorism.

For many, this is a quiet and solemn day – a day to reflect on the events of 9/11 and their impact worldwide. In the years since the attacks, Sept. 11 has become almost a sacred day – a prevailing mood that infiltrates all aspects of daily life, including the wedding industry. Many couples have been skeptical about planning their weddings today. Is it uncouth to host a joyous celebration on a national day of mourning? Can your wedding anniversary ever be considered a happy memory when such sad sentiments overshadow the date?

It seems that couples lie in two camps – those who wish to turn the date around into a happy occasion, and those who shy away from the idea. On the one hand, to give into defeat is to give the terrorists what they want. Some see it as an act of defiance and a bold step forward to declare that we will not be consumed by such hatred. The other side may find it disrespectful to ignore those who suffered losses.

Last year USA Today published an article about couples who have toyed with the idea. The Wedding Channel reported reports that about 10,000 couples across the nation were wed on  9/11/11. Because the date fell on a Saturday, the most popular day of the week for weddings, it’s numbers were higher than usual – and much higher than the expected number today as a Tuesday.

Experts in the hospitality industry cite 9/11 as one of the most difficult dates to entice couples to book. Hotel owners have even offered what has been sardonically named the “terrorism discount” in an effort to improve sales for this date.

I predict that the number of weddings will steadily rise as we move further away from the incident. Take Pearl Harbor for example – there are relatively few memorial ceremonies on December 7th anymore – and even less resistance to planning parties. 9/11 will undoubtedly follow the same path.

What do you think? Is it inappropriate to celebrate in the face of so many who are grieving? Or is it okay to want to shed a positive light on 9/11 and move forward?

CT priest rebuked for attending cousin’s wedding

A Catholic priest was rebuked for attending his cousin’s wedding, a same sex ceremony in Connecticut.  Rev. Michael Devito was called into the archbishop’s office after the Church higher ups noticed a wedding announcement that included the Connecticut reverend. He did not officiate his cousin’s ceremony, but did assist by doing a reading. He wore no vestments except for the Roman Catholic collar. The archbishop formally rebuked Devito and made him promise never to participate in a same sex wedding again, and that this instance would count as a strike on his permanent record.

Understandably, there’s outrage in the gay and lesbian community. After all, family is family. I’m sure he just wanted to be there for his cousin, regardless of whether or not their religious beliefs matched up. It sends the wrong message to kids who struggle with their sexuality, being told that they can’t be Catholic and gay. Also, who knew that the archdiocese has permanent records? Is it like a driving record? Is this the equivalent of a DUI? Or is it just like high school and the reverend was sent to the principal and got detention? No word on what the official punishment (if any) was.

What do you think? Was the priest wrong for attending his cousin’s wedding?

Bad taste is universal

Fact: Bad taste is universal. I’ve recently discovered this not just walking the streets of Madrid (although I could be biased since I’m not used to European fashion). But even the media here agrees with me on this one.

Lady Mary Charteris, a Spanish aristocratic model and DJ got married the other day in this hideous gown. ImageThe gown was designed by Pam Hogg, a sometimes seamstress to Lady Gaga, which explains a lot. The “tacky and transparent” tulle skirt was complimented by white boots, a necklace and bedhead. Not a great look for this chica. Just more proof that incredibly good looking models can’t actually wear anything and still look good. A small condolence for the bumpin’ uglies out there!

New wedding themes: Lovebirds and Ever After

New wedding themes: Lovebirds and Ever After.

WordPress introduces a few new themes for engaged couples to blog about their upcoming nuptials. Why anyone would want to read about their stress is beyond me, but at least they look pretty.