Wedding guest has part of ear bitten off in fight

Alright who invited Mike Tyson to the wedding?

A Merseyside man, age 40, was taken to a local hospital after his ear was bitten off during a brawl at a pub in Liverpool, UK.

The pub was hosting a wedding reception when a massive fight broke out and spilled onto the street. A witness described the scene as “utter chaos… like a fight at the OK Corral.” Fourteen police cars responded to the scene and the pub was closed from the time of the incident (approx. 11:30 Saturday night) to Sunday around lunchtime.

Other witnesses said they saw the bride in the street distressed and in tears, but the newlywed couple were not thought to have been directly involved in the incident, and no word on what provoked the incident.

The victim was brought to the hospital and two men were arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent.

And the best comment anyone made on this story:

“Dogs…..To earn respect of other let them know who is pack leader, will bite down on the other dogs ear.”

– I’m sure that was the message these guys were trying to send. Mazel tov to the happy couple!



Dropped wedding ring pauses ceremony

ImageUK Bride and groom Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey were forced to pause in the middle of their wedding ceremony because the best man dropped the ring. Everything was going well for the couple until midway through the ceremony they heard a distinct “pling!” The vicar looked at the best man, the groom’s brother, and asked if it was what they thought it was. The entire congregation spent 10 minutes searching for the band without luck. Finally the bride’s mother offered up her own ring in order to finish the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the vicar returned to the church to continue looking and found it lodged between the cracks of the floor. He brought it to the reception and was given a hero’s welcome.

This story is the stuff of movies and bride’s nightmares. Who knows how much that band cost? And how mortified the best man must have been. Talk about the worst best man ever. This could have easily been solved earlier if there was a small child in the wedding party like that episode of Arthur. DW saves the day!


Guest’s pit bull mauls bride & groom

A Colorado newlywed couple’s big day was ruined by a horrible guest and his pitbull on August 12.

Brittany Cortez and her new husband were just celebrating their recent nuptials when wedding guest Joel Nevarez left the reception and brought back his pitbull Skylo and sicced it on the bride and groom. The dog mauled the bride’s back and shoulders while the owner just laughed at her then proceeded to beat her with brass knuckles.  Nevarez, who has a history of mental illness, supposedly has fled to Mexico to escape authorities. Bet those wedding photos came out great.

Note to self: Do not invite angry guests with even more angry pit bulls. Should have been a tip off when you realized your pal looks like the human form of Scar.

Real Wedding Roundup #1

The Intern Diaries

Let me first start with a little background:

Aside from enjoying my intern position here at EMG, I also work for a catering company (who shall not be named) on the weekends. I’ve been working there as a server for about six years now and have seen my fair share of weddings. With somewhere between 250-300 weddings under my belt, I’ve seen pretty much everything. It amazes me how enough though every wedding is pretty much the same and they all start to run together in my head, people still manage to show me something new every weekend.

This will be my weekly blog entry about the highlights from these weekend. Keep in mind, these are real live weddings – everything actually happened.

Weird wedding favors: People can pretty much choose from anything when it comes to wedding favors. So I’m always interested to see what a couple chooses to give their guests. This weekend the bride and groom decided to personalize each favor according to the table their guests sat at. The table names were a multitude of different things that had some significance to the couple. For example, if you sat at a table named Barcelona, you got a bottle of Spanish wine. If you sat at the Harry Potter table, you got one of J.K Rowlings’ books. If you weren’t so lucky, you were seated at the Cheez-It table, named for their dog and received a box of the delicious baked crackers with the pup’s face on it.

Probably the funniest name for a dog I’ve ever heard. And yes, he wore a bow-tie. He was the ring bearer.

Badly behaved groomsmen: It’s not unrare to see groomsmen behaving poorly. It’s not their wedding, so many take advantage of the open bar and plethora of single ladies on the dance floor. This weekend was a first for me. Never have I ever witnessed a member of the bridal party so openly use an illegal substance at a wedding. As I sat on my break, eating my dinner, a groomsman invited himself to sit down a roll a joint at our table. Casual.

I’m In a Wedding – “I’m On a Boat” parody

This guy. I can’t decide if he’s brilliant or horribly embarrassing. On the one hand, this is hilarious. Creative, well produced and definitely a memorable Best Man speech. On the other hand, its outrageous. Think about all the old people and grandparents are sitting there, completely horrified because they’ve never heard of Andy Samberg. “Why is this man yelling at the camera? What is a motherf*cker? In my day we respected our mothers!” Hopefully they all turned their hearing aids off for that part.