The Brewlywed Game

Owner Jim Koch overlooks one of the three ceremonies held on site Thursday

Couples and beer-lovers alike lined up yesterday to celebrate the unveiling of Sam Adams’ newest beverage, Brewlywed Ale.

Jim Koch welcomed the crowd of over 100 people who showed up to get their regulated two cases of the limited edition beer. A number of newlyweds showed up on their honeymoons and three weddings were performed on site; a first for the brewery where proposals occur frequently.

Koch said he brewed special batches of beer for his second wedding about 20 years ago, along with the weddings of his daughter and son. “The one thing I can do is make beer. That was my contribution to [his] wedding.”

Koch described the ale as ” kind of like marriage: a bit spicy, kind of complex, full of surprises.” Cheers to that.