Deja Mi & Wed Pics

A Raleigh, NC based company called Deja Mi has developed a new smartphone app that could bust into the wedding industry in a big way.

The app, also named Deja Mi, allows people, (usually strangers)  who are attending the same event to upload all the photos being taken to a central place. So far, the app has mostly been used by corporations and businesses that pay to enable attendees at their conferences to freely share content. Founder and CEO Justin Miller was inspired while watching millions of people recording a concert with their Iphones.

The idea translates easily into the wedding industry, which is why they’ve launced WedPics. It relies on the same technology, but without the GPS locator. The bride and groom pay a flat fee to obtain an access code which they can pass along to guests.  Guests must merely download the WedPics app and start shooting.  All the photos go to a cloud where the happy couple can access them at anytime. It’s like their own private Instagram.

WedPics markets itself as a convenient and cheap alternative to the disposable cameras that many couples leave out for their guests. While the company faces competition from other photo-sharing websites, they speculate that the instantaneous streaming will make it more appealing to consumers. The app has been used at over 500 weddings in 15 countries since launching in August 2011.

What do you think folks, is it a worthwhile app or should people just stick to Flickr and disposables?