Awesome Wedding Proposals

Something we haven’t looked at in awhile, the art of the proposal. Take notes gentlemen.


12/12/12 Wedding Mania

Seems like everyone and their brother is getting married today.  Despite the fact that it’s a Wednesday, people around the world are getting married on the “luckiest day of our lifetime” Dec. 12, 2012. Clearly the ones who time it for 12:12 am or pm are the luckiest.  There’s a predicted 7,500 couples getting married today. That’s crazy. Las Vegas in particular is blowing up with superstitious couples looking to get hitched.

Definitely an anniversary date that the groom can’t forget. What do you guys think? Would you get married on 12/12/12 or some other auspicious date?

Bride spends wedding night in jail

I’ve posted a lot about wedding brawls but this one is a first for Social Comedia.  This time, the bride herself was the assailant.

An angry British bride was arrested after glassing a male guest in the face at her wedding.  Instead of a romantic wedding night with her new hubby, she instead hung out in the county jail. The groom tried to intervene and sustained injuries to the elbow after a 12 person brawl was broken up by police. The brilliant police force identified the bride “because she was still wearing her wedding dress.” Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gents.

The best of the comments section:

Do you take this chav to be your awful wedded wife? – Richo

She sounds very ladylike. – tuguybear

Tattoo Fest no doubt. – Alfie

Riding the rollercoaster of marriage


This UK bride and groom got an unpleasant surprise on their way to their wedding reception. A full fledged traveling circus had strung up right outside their hotel.  The fairground blocked off the street so the wedding party couldn’t get to the hotel easily.

The newlyweds embraced it however, and decided to join in on the fun.  The entire wedding party hopped on Disco Fever as crowds cheered them on.

I appreciate the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude of this couple. However, traveling gypsies are not a group you want to join. Carnies, circus folks, nomads you know.

Worst wedding favors just came out with their list of the worst wedding favors to give your guests. The list is as follows, and I could not agree more.

Sugared Almonds: Whoever thought these were a good idea is an idiot. A third of the people at your wedding will not like almonds, 1/5 will be allergic, and your elderly uncle is likely to choke on one. Oh but they match your colors? So do Skittles.  Buy a bag of personalized M&Ms, people will appreciate it so much more and you can even put your name on them!

Personalized Memorabilia: This category can swing both ways.  Pictures frames with your names on them, wedding CDs, monogrammed key rings and  mugs with your faces on them are creepy and pretty much useless after the event.  Unless you can be clever with personalized stuff, these favors usually suck.  Some examples of good ideas are coasters (practical and nobody feels bad about not taking them home) and mini Tabasco sauce bottles (OK these are totally useless too but seeing people’s faces on them makes everyone laugh).

Sachets of potpourri: Potpourri went out with the invention of Febreeze.  The only guest at your wedding that will appreciate these is your 96 year old grandmother.  For everyone else, it’s a bag of smelly dried flowers that will overpower your food and inevitable be ripped open and spread everywhere by the ring bearer.

Cheesy wedding gifts: If you think something sentimental to only you and your fiancee is THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD, you probably shouldn’t give it away.

Useless favors: Well, duh.

Traveling Wedding Circus

This couple isn’t legally married, but have had over 30 weddings. They’ve been traveling the world in an old RV, thoughtfully named Peggy.  In over a year, they’ve been to 19 countries and celebrated their “marriage” 28 times and now they’re about to do it five more times in Myrtle Beach. Says the groom, “It’s about experiencing the local traditions and cultures.”

I’m not sure what “traditions” they think they’re going to find in the wasteland that is Myrtle Beach.  It’s a east coast capital for poor, drunk college kids on Spring Break and white trash on vacation. Nothing says “I love you” like a sunburned mugshot and a forty.

Mazel tov!

You can keep up with the couples’ travels on their blog,

Married with Vikings

I can only copy and paste this article. I have no words.

“Two Vikings have laid down their swords to become witnesses at a history-loving couple’s wedding in York.

Leanne Malpas, 25, and 31-year-old Alan Johnson, from Southport, asked the Jorvik Viking Centre if it could provide a couple of warriors when they tied the knot at the city’s Register Office.

Sigwulf and Bruni, aka Neil Tattersal and Emma Boast, who took part in a wedding re-enactment during the Viking Festival earlier this year, were happy to oblige. They wore full regalia as they presented the wedding rings and read a traditional Viking verse during the ceremony.

Leanne said she and Alan had come to York for their first holiday together two years ago, during which they had visited the Viking Centre, and so the city was a natural choice of location for their wedding.

“Having just the two of us and our Viking witnesses will make it extra special, unique and personal to us,” she said, adding that they would spend their honeymoon in the city, during which they would visit more museums.